How do I know which biologic is right for me?

So far, you’ve seen that there are many biologic medicines to choose from. They are all different in how they work, how they are given, and the possible side effects. Deciding which medicine is best for you may not be easy.

It’s very important that you think carefully about the possible benefits and risks of each medicine. Giving this some thought now will help when it comes time to work with your doctor on making the best decision. Up next, you will go through the IBD&me Decision Tree, which will help you figure out what biologic characteristics (see the Table below) are most important to you when choosing among the different medicines.

Biologic characteristics

  • way you receive the medicine
  • time in between doses
  • long-term relief of symptoms (i.e. remission)
  • tolerability of unwanted side effects
  • risk of skin rash
  • risk of serious infection
  • risk of lymphoma (i.e. blood cancer)